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Putting value over visuals

Putting value before visuals

LinkedIn has established itself as the preferred social network for professionals. Its success in this regard has led Business Insider to declare that the site may not be the coolest for social networking, but that it certainly has positioned itself to become more valuable to companies in the future. That success may be a lesson to other companies about the value of focused, quality marketing, including with promotional products, even in the fast-paced realm of the modern digital world.

A report from BI Intelligence found that 71 percent of respondents in a poll preferred LinkedIn to other social networks for making professional communications, 42 percent for improving the effectiveness of referral networks and 42 percent for building brand identity. The contenders, including Facebook, Twitter and Google, may be more hip and edgy in terms of design and interface, but LinkedIn has managed to get by based on its niche focus of linking professionals. Now, the web service is becoming increasingly appealing to marketers.

Generally, companies that want to be successful in their branding may want to have a focused marketing approach backed by a useful, niche good or service, preferably one that appeals to a specific and discernible customer base. However, that marketing doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy – it just needs to highlight the value of the product being offered. When it comes to promotional products, it may be just as smart to stick to goods that customers will find useful and not just impressive to look at.

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