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Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Celebrating National Nutrition Month

This March marks National Nutrition Month, or the time during which individuals are reminded of the numerous benefits that healthy eating can bring. Employers have the opportunity to promote awareness for this initiative in the office, whether they’re bringing in fresh fruit for breakfast or distributing promotional items that may help lead to better eating practices.

Packing a lunch every day can be daunting, especially for employees who must wake up early and embark on a long commute. Because of this, workers may be more likely to splurge on unhealthy eating options near the office, leading to both a waste of money and decrease in the quality of food purchased.

Promoting healthy lunches at work
Employers have many options to choose from when promoting the importance of healthy eating in the workplace, from swapping out vending machine offerings to providing healthy snacks around the office. Rappler compiled a list of the most commonly consumed foods that are bad for workers, including potato chips, candy and soda. These items are both cheap and easily attainable, meaning that employees are more likely to eat them throughout the course of the day. However, the article notes that these unhealthy bites can lead to sugar crashes, lower energy and decreased productivity. Instead, it recommends swapping healthy alternatives for workers to eat in the building, including nuts, fruit and lemon water.

Knox News reported that office culture may be one of the biggest factors affecting how employees eat during the work day, from how other workers approach their lunch time to what kind of foods are offered during company meetings. The article noted that employees who bring their own lunches may be more likely to have nutritious lunches, as research illustrates that home-cooked meals are lower in fat and sodium. The source recommends that employers post nutritious facts and guidelines on spaces frequented by employees to promote better eating habits.

Personalized items may encourage workers to brown bag it
For companies searching for the best way to promote better eating in the workplace, giving out promotional food-related items may provide assistance. Handing out items such as logo tote bags, lunch bags and personalized mugs may help to encourage workers to bring their own food for lunch. Creating a workplace culture that encourages healthy eating, whether through example or instruction, is crucial to contributing to the healthiest lifestyles possible for employees.

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