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Give the gift of knowledge

Give the gift of knowledge

With holidays right around the corner, businesses may still be struggling about what to give their customers – and their employees – for the holidays. Instead of being concerned with the size of the present, employers may want to opt for one of the most valuable executive gifts they have to offer – knowledge.

Being well-informed is a priceless commodity in today’s world. As Inc.Magazine has noted, successful people are those that enhance their knowledge by always choosing to absorb information as opposed to shutting it out. In terms of business, greater insight into a company can benefit everyone from the consumer to the CEO. Customers like to know what a company does, what it’s future plans are and what kind of products they can expect. Executives need expansive knowledge of their industry to better create valuable goods and services. As for employees, more information about their employers and industries, the more invested they can feel in their jobs. With the use of promotional flash drives, managers and executives have a fun, new way of relating valuable information to everyone in the field.

The benefits of informed employees
Businesses can make a valuable, monthly gift in the form of flash drives with pertinent, tailored information on it about the direction of the company and industry trends. If the information is tailored in fun way, this could be an enjoyable way to impart some important information. Better informed employees could not only make for a stronger company, but also a more unified employee base that believes in the value of its work, according to Forbes.

“Things that managers take for common knowledge about how things are going or what challenges are down the road or what new products are coming … they often don’t take the time to share that with their employees,” Leonard J. Glick, professor of management and organizational development at Northeastern University, told Forbes.

However, employees that understand their place in the company and the way they contribute could inspire a better work effort on their part. These flash drives could be gifted monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly as a round-up of highs and lows. Blogs and websites are another way to impart this kind of information, but posts can get buried over time. A flash drive, on the other hand, is a physical reminder that a company wants its employees to know what’s going on.

The inside scoop
The instant photo-sharing app Instagram has provided a new outlet for companies trying to market outside the box. Among the most innovative Instagramming brands are Burberry, Warby Parker and even the Boston Celtics, according to Business Insider. The fashion giant provides followers live photo feeds of its runway shows. The glasses company invited followers on a photography walk through New York City, during which customers Instagrammed their journey and enjoyed drinks on Warby Parker. The basketball team even boasts a strong bond with fans through Instagram, giving them intimate shots of interviews, plays and behind-the-scenes action.

While Instagram can be a great way for companies to connect to their consumers, the common denominator between all of these brands’ marketing is making customers feel like insiders. Promotional giveaways, such a flash drive, could be used to feature the latest that a business has to offer. That could be new products, inspirational insights from an executive or even directions for a scavenger hunt. The information on the flash drive can be interactive, but so could the way that the flash drives are dispensed. Businesses may want to have fun brainstorming ways to utilize this information.

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