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Tips for creating - and sticking - to New Year's resolutions

Tips for creating – and sticking – to New Year’s resolutions

Resolutions are a great way to start the new year fresh. Yet, making a list can be difficult for some, let alone completing all of the goals on it. A New Year’s resolution list doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are some tips for resolutions, from coming up with goals to actually following through, and the corporate gifts that can aid in their completion.

Schedule a resolution appointment
Next year’s resolutions can be big or small, but whatever goals people decide to pursue, there should be some serious thought behind them. It is a good idea to schedule some time between now and New Year’s Eve exclusively for the purpose of brainstorming resolutions. Once a date and time is decided, the event should be circled on personalized calendars, preferably in bold, red ink. This should be uninterrupted time. After all, these resolutions could be life-changing.

Make the list
Now that time has been set aside for resolutions, it should be put to use wisely. First, people should list all of the things they want or want to accomplish, without concern for feasibility. Then, they should make a second list of ways in which those goals can be accomplished. The final resolutions list should be challenging, but with clear directions on how they can be accomplished. So, one goal could be to lose 40 lbs., but it should include smaller resolutions, such as exercising 3 times a week and incorporating more vegetables into one’s diet. If the dream is a lifelong career pursuit, then this year’s resolution may just include the first few steps toward accomplishing that goal.

Hang it
The resolution brainstorming session is probably best done on personalized notepads – not just because it instills a sense of ownership, but also because a list done on pen and paper forces the writer to take some time with it. Once it’s done, it can also be easily hung in places where it won’t be forgotten. Lists should be hung on refrigerator doors or bathroom mirrors, where they will be seen everyday.

Benchmark and evaluate
Sticking with resolutions can be difficult, but setting benchmarks can help keep people on track. The more incremental the process for achieving a resolution is, the more accomplished people may feel as they achieve each benchmark. Furthermore, people should schedule regular sessions on their personalized calendars to evaluate progress. If a resolution is proving impossible, it’s better to adjust the plan rather than forgetting the resolution altogether.

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