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Fun ways to celebrate Make Your Dream Come True Day

Fun ways to celebrate Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Dreams come in all shapes and forms. Some people want to travel the world, while others hope to become world-famous actors. Still others have smaller goals, such as trying a new restaurant or finally working up the courage to ask someone on a date. Whatever people’s ambitions, Jan. 13 – National Make Your Dreams Come True Day – is a great excuse to stop procrastinating and start working to make those dreams a reality. Here are a few ideas to get people started, and some corporate gifts that can help along the way.

Make dream packages
Thousands of San Franciscans cheered on Batkid as he fought crime throughout the city last November. Batkid, otherwise known as Miles Scott, had undergone treatment for leukemia, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted him his dream of getting to be Batman for a day. San Francisco was transformed into the fictional Gotham City. Police provided escort, actors played villains, the mayor gave him a chocolate key to the city and people turned out in droves to lend their support, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

While transforming a city may be a tall order, people can still help their fellow dreamers by putting together dream packages for friends, family and co-workers. All you need for making these packages are backpacks and some imagination. If a child dreams of becoming a guitar hero, then the dream package may contain music from rock idols, instruction books and guitar picks. Should spouses or family members want to see sights throughout Europe, then personalized tote bags with guidebooks, note pads for planning purposes and personal journals to record thoughts while traveling may be the perfect gifts. Personalized calendars with potential dates for travel circled are a nice touch. Aspiring filmmakers could receive a bag of movies from famous films and filmmakers, or even a card with a subscription to an online media streaming site.

Dream lists for self and co-workers
While people not be able to make their dreams happen in one day, they can at least start by figuring out exactly what those dreams are. Business gifts for staff, including personalized pens and notepads, can be themed as a dream-starter kit. This can include anything from career ambitions to personal goals. For a humorous touch, custom coffee mugs could be labeled as inspiration fuel. Promotional flash drives could also have files of advice for getting started on achieving their life goals. Employers could even end the work day an hour earlier to allow staff to list their own ambitions. Their lists could then serve as a springboard to better know employees and determine how the company could work to help make their dreams come true.

The dream list can also be a social event. People can host a party where the guests must come dressed based on their dream. Later on in the night, as a party game, everyone has to guess what everyone else’s dreams are based on their costumes. As a parting gift, the hosts can give away personalized notepads for listing all of their dreams on their own.

Take the day off
Make Your Dreams Come True Day falls on a Monday, which makes it a perfect day for an extended vacation. Dreamers who choose to take the day off can put their time toward figuring out their dreams or taking the first step to making them a reality. If the dream is to go the nicest restaurant in town, now would be a good time to make a reservation. Should people want to look at new careers, they can spend the day perusing their options. However people choose to spend the day, they should be proactive in realizing their goals.

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