Make welcoming new employees a New Year’s resolution

Every year, Americans embark on grand list-making for their resolutions. One of the bigger life changes that people popularly pursue is a better job, according to the U.S. government. For those that succeed, they may have to adjust to new work environments, employer expectations and even hometowns. Getting a lay of the land can be difficult, but fortunately people close to the new hires have opportunities to make transitioning a little easier.

Whether given by employers or family, business gifts can be a great way to usher in the start of a new job. Not only could this make for a happier employee, but it could also benefit the company as a whole. The following list covers some gifts that could assist employees on this next step in their life journeys.

The business side
As Inc. Magazine has noted, making new employees feel welcome can have an impact on their productivity and overall success at the company. Comfortable employees may be more willing to take initiative, as well as bond with colleagues. A stronger team overall can make for a more efficient and productive organization. The magazine recommended that employers send a note expressing enthusiasm about a new hire’s decision to join the team. This note can be made all the more impactful if written on stationery, complete with employer’s monogram. Additionally, the employee’s desk should be set up beforehand to make the welcome feel more official. While preparing the workspace involves setting up a phone and e-mail, it could also include personalized notepads and pen of their own to show that the company cares.

A welcoming packet can be involved as employers like. According to The New York Times, companies such as Warby Parker have used the welcome packet as a way of enlightening hires of company history. The glasses company has offered employees a copy of a Jack Kerouac book – because the company gets its name from Kerouac┬ácharacters – as well as an army supply notebook and treats eaten by the founders of the company in the early days of the company.

Essentially, Warby Parker’s new employee kit helps to define its own company culture, which, incidentally, was one of last year’s business resolutions from Business Insider. Employers can define their own work environments with personalized tote bags full of items that represent their own companies’ histories. USB drives can give an overview of the business in a fun and fresh way. Custom coffee mugs and desk planners, however, can be essential for any business starter kit.

From friends and family
Corporate gifts don’t just have to come from employers. For people that know someone starting a new job, a care package can help alleviate new job jitters. Sentimental gifts, such as books or cards can be a great way to wish new hires well. These kinds of gifts show that the giver cares and also that they know the receiver well. Yet, it can also be good to think more practically. Friends and family may want to consider what items a new hire could put to good use.

If a new employee has made the resolution to cook more healthy meals at home, then it may be worth perusing a selection of lunch bags to give. To go a step further, the lunch bag can even be packed with food and drink essentials, such as silverware and cups. If the recipient has a favorite snack, that can also be included in the bag. Laptop bags can be helpful for people who have to work on the train.  Stress balls and pocket calendars may keep away stress and welcome better organization, both of which are common concerns for new hires.

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