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Get personal with employee holiday presents

Get personal with employee holiday presents

It can be a challenge for businesses to spread Christmas cheer as year-end deadlines loom just around the corner. On top of that, individuals are generally plagued with a litany of tedious pre-holiday errands that they have to complete in a short period of time.

As business owners can imagine, the days leading up to yuletide festivities may be filled with tension.That said, setting aside the time to bestow promotional gifts upon company representatives could be a surefire way to ease a significant amount of stress.

After establishing that they are willing to go through the gift-giving process in order to put everyone in better spirits, organizations may be faced with a couple of problems in terms of picking out the proper presents for their personnel.

Let’s face it, as much as companies wish that they could hand out hefty bonus checks to their staff members, the odds are that they do not have the financial resources to do so. However, that does not mean that businesses should use that as a cop out, selecting impersonal and impractical presents. Employees will be able to see right through empty gestures, which will ultimately make thoughtless gifts money wasted.

According to Forbes, organizations should dole out presents like bottles of wine and Edible Arrangements. Though these can be enjoyable, they can only be briefly appreciated and lack consideration.

Make employee gifts matter
Instead of buying cliché tokens such as fruit baskets or Starbucks gift certificates, corporations should contemplate purchasing promotional gifts that will actually be of use to employees. To accomplish this, businesses should think about the items that their representatives need on a daily basis.

Sprout Geek recommended that employers take a look around their offices. Are there certain things that their staff members could use, but do not have already? These could range anywhere from inspirational signs and wall calendars to coffee mugs and desk clocks.

The source explained that while some people may believe that these types of office gifts can also be generic, but that can be changed if businesses put a little bit of effort into customizing them. Employers should show their representatives that they are aware of who they are as individuals with unique sets of interests. By designing personalized mugs that appeal to employees’ specific passions, companies can break down some boundaries and demonstrate that they are familiar with their staff members.

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