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Businesses welcome the new year with personalized calendar gifts

Businesses welcome the new year with personalized calendar gifts

With the new year just around the corner, companies may find that rewarding loyal customers with promotional calendars would be much appreciated. Like corporations, consumers are extremely busy and have a number of items on their docket. For this reason, being able to plan all of their tasks and highlight important events throughout the year could be one of the best gifts clients can receive.

There are a variety of ways in which cultures welcome the new year. In Italy, for instance, individuals eat a bowl of lentils on Dec. 31, a custom meant to ensure that their year is full of luck and prosperity. Travel and Leisure Magazine explained that people in the Philippines guarantee their wealth by wearing polka dots and consuming spherical fruits.

Companies can create their own traditions, handing out wall calendars to consumers during the holiday season to help them prepare for a fresh start in the months ahead. According to the History Channel, the current Gregorian calendar has been in place since 46 B.C., giving individuals a reason to celebrate and a sense of turning over a new leaf. Because of this, organizations can demonstrate their anticipation for this holiday by bestowing personalized calendars upon their customers this Christmas.

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