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Fix - don't nix - holiday office parties to trim expenses

Fix – don’t nix – holiday office parties to trim expenses

How many opportunities throughout the year do employers have a chance to show their staff members that they care? Unless Arbor Day sounds like a more opportune occasion for small business owners to hand out promotional holiday cards, the Christmas season may be the only window of time that comes to mind.

While companies should not necessarily break the bank by throwing a fancy shindig, it is key that they do make an effort to show their employees that they are valuable assets to the business’ operations. Thanking personnel for a job well done does not have to be all or nothing, and even modest gestures can mean a lot to staff members.

According to Fox Business, an American Express survey revealed that business owners are trimming not only their trees this year, but also their holiday budgets. One-third of the companies polled reported that they will be hosting festive parties for their representatives, while just more than one-quarter stated that they will be gifting employees holiday bonuses.

With that said, there is no need to be a Scrooge this holiday season. Instead of declaring an outright “bah humbug” and refusing to partake in gift-giving in general, business owners can simply scale down their celebrations.

Spread holiday cheer the simple way
One of the best ways to save is to opt out of holding a seasonal party in a separate space. Renting a hall around the holidays can cause companies to run up a steep tab right out of the gate. Rather than signing up for a venue, business should have their office parties, well, in their offices.

A little goes a long way when it comes to organizations conveying their appreciation to their representatives. Inc. Magazine explained that sometimes all it takes is a modest in-house party at the end of the work day. By ordering some pizzas and bringing in baked goods, businesses can ensure that their staff members take a break from the holiday and workweek rush.

Additionally, companies can guarantee that their representatives will mingle and have fun by setting up games and contests. This way, personnel can participate in these activities, having the chance to get their hands on promotional giveaways. Not only will they be able to partake in healthy holiday competitions, but they can also take home corporate gifts that they can enjoy all year round.

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