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Boost Cyber Monday sales with promotional giveaways and free shipping offers

Boost Cyber Monday sales with promotional giveaways and free shipping offers

Major chain retailers have Black Friday, while locally owned stores have Small Business Saturday. But that doesn’t mean that e-commerce companies should feel left out from the festivities. The Monday after Thanksgiving – also known as Cyber Monday – is online vendors’ opportunity to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

Even though Web-based businesses are the last ones in the lineup to have their turn, that’s not to say that they can’t outshine other companies. In fact, they are at an advantage because their consumer demographic is much narrower, which makes it easier for them to market their merchandise.

According to Practical Ecommerce, most shoppers partaking in Cyber Monday are expected to be young mobile users. For this reason, all of the deals that online merchants offer should be for products that would appeal to this target group.

In addition to discounted items, Internet organizations should tack on perks like free delivery and promotional items if they spend a certain amount of money. A survey conducted by the postal company Endicia found that 70 percent of online customers purchased more items so that they could be eligible for free shipping. By featuring similar incentives, such as complimentary duffel bags and custom pens, Ecommerce businesses could further encourage their sales.

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