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Promotional items serve as thoughtful employee Christmas gifts

Promotional items serve as thoughtful employee Christmas gifts

Since the days of Charles Dickens, businesses have been showing their appreciation to their staff members by giving them a holiday gift. While geese and fruitcakes are no longer employers’ presents of choice, there are numerous other ways in which companies can wish their representatives a merry Christmas, including seasonal promotional items.

“The No. 1 mistake is underestimating the symbolic value of the holiday season,” said  Joseph R. Weintraub, management professor at Babson College, according to The Wall Street Journal. “Not acknowledging it is a problem. It sends a negative message.”

The message that organizations are conveying when they bestow items upon their employees is a powerful one. The gift-giving process is extensive, as it takes a great deal of time, consideration and effort. Employers have to think about the present they want to pass on, coming to a decision and actually ordering it. For this reason, when representatives receive personalized business gifts, they know that they are valued and worth all of that energy.

Show employees they’re valued with thoughtful gifts
According to The News and Observer, even though it is important for companies to offer their personnel with some sort of present during the Christmas season, they should be careful about the type of token that they pick.

In this day and age, utilitarian gifts seem to have taken over business trends. While certain presents are definitely useful in the modern world, they are not necessarily personal or even special in any way. With that said, the key to selecting the optimal Christmas gift is to make sure that businesses go through a longer and more demanding process so that it is a thoughtful gesture. Because of this, the news source pointed out that some of the latest trends in company presents just won’t do.

A prime example of a token that lacks consideration and meaning is debit cards. While this can surely help representatives on an economic level, it will do nothing to nurture connections between employers and their staff members. A present that is so generic is really nothing special. Not to mention, this type of debit cards obviously carries a specific spending limit. By handing employees these capped cards, businesses are explicitly outlining how much – or how little – they think their personnel are worth.

Instead, companies should strive to make a more considerate gesture so that they can form or continue to reinforce bonds with their staff members. Christmas offers businesses a valuable opportunity to connect with their representatives, and it is advised that they take advantage of this time of year with holiday-inspired promo items.

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