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Support corporate values with Kwanzaa promo items

Support corporate values with Kwanzaa promo items

While it is true that Kwanzaa has been celebrated for fewer than 50 years, it’s not its novelty that makes this holiday so appealing for companies offering promotional items. In fact, some business owners may not know it, but this is the perfect occasion for them to commend their employees for a job well done.

The very history behind Kwanzaa makes it a unique opportunity to celebrate the high performance demonstrated by company representatives. The African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania explained that the symbol for this harvest holiday is corn, which signifies collective labor. For organizations that depend on teamwork and cooperation, there could not be a better seasonal image to place on gift items like custom pens.

Not to mention, the seven candles lit during this week-long festival represent key cultural principles that nearly any company can appreciate. The History Channel reported that these ideals include unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

A candle signifying each one of these values is illuminated each day, following this order, until the entire candelabrum is glowing bright. In light of this custom, firms may find that giving their dedicated staff members corporate gifts featuring seven candles burning bright is an inspiring way to reward them.

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