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Snowfall has diminished over the years

Snowfall has diminished over the years

Changes to weather patterns have resulted in diminished snowfall in parts of the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 57 percent of its weather stations saw declining snow accumulation between 1930 and 2007.

The EPA attributes this shift to climate change. As the atmosphere has become warmer, weather conditions haven’t been able to reach appropriate levels for snow. This means that the traditional winter precipitation may be more likely to receive rain instead.

This can obviously be a problem for consumers as they have to worry about staying dry instead of keeping warm every time they walk outside. Few people enjoy getting drenched as soon as they leave their homes, so the rain is rarely welcome.

Fortunately, small businesses can help combat rain this winter by distributing branded umbrellas as promotional items. These functional gifts ensure that customers will be able to avoid the bad weather whenever they have to go outside. Consumers will appreciate these promotional marketing products every time a storm rolls in and it starts to drizzle. Umbrellas might be the perfect items for building lasting relationships between an establishment and its clientele.

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