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Thanksgiving imagery for promotional items

Thanksgiving imagery for promotional items

As November draws to a close, small business owners should include Thanksgiving themes and imagery in their marketing plans in order to capitalize on the holiday. The celebration includes a number of symbols that company leaders can easily emblazon on their promotional marketing products. Below are three examples that entrepreneurs can use on the days leading up to the holiday.

Perhaps the simplest one to use is the famous hat thought to have worn by the pilgrims. A tall black hat with a buckle in the front can create a connection between an establishment and the holiday. The Alden House Historic Site explains that much of Thanksgiving lore is based around the pilgrims so the association between the two would be apparent to consumers.

For many people, Thanksgiving isn’t about anything besides the turkey. That’s why the bird is an enduring icon of the holiday. Small business owners can include pictures of turkeys on promotional pens and similar items ahead of the big day.

Finally, Thanksgiving is enduring American holiday because it was first celebrated by the pilgrims. To tie a business to the occasion, an entrepreneur could use red, white and blue imagery on all of their advertisements.

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