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Red Planet Day is approaching

Red Planet Day is approaching

While Thanksgiving commands the most attention as November’s top holiday, this year it shares a day with a long-standing tradition. According to Holiday Insights, Red Planet Day is observed annually on November 28. The date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the day the Spacecraft Mariner 4 was launched in 1964. The craft came within 6,118 miles of Mars in only 228 days, the closest any manmade structure had been up to that point.

The public’s fascination with Mars has shifted over the years. Recently, consumers have been highly interested in the planet as NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring new areas and taking pictures for further study.

Mars’ popularity makes Red Planet Day a perfect opportunity for small business owners to incorporate intergalactic themes into their marketing campaigns. Promotional items can be emblazoned with interstellar imagery, such as planets, comets and aliens. Celebrating the Mariner 4’s launch can help local companies stand apart from competitors who are only focused on Thanksgiving, Christmas and other major holidays during the fourth quarter. Martian promotional products shows that an enterprise is willing to have fun.

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