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Custom coffee mugs can help consumers wake up

Custom coffee mugs can help consumers wake up

It’s difficult to start the day without a cup of coffee and some people are willing to go to extreme ends in order to enjoy their favorite beverage. Ben Affleck is among the many consumers who would take a small risk in order to buy some java. TMZ reports that the star and director of “The Town” recently parked his car in a yellow zone because he couldn’t find a space near Starbucks. As a result, Affleck received a $58 ticket while he and his wife were in the store.

This fine likely doesn’t matter much to the Oscar winner, especially after signing a multi-picture deal with Warner Bros. to appear in multiple films as Batman. Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t be able to justify risking a ticket every time they need coffee.

Small business owners can ensure that their customers can enjoy some java without having to search for parking near a local cafe. Custom coffee mugs can be given out as promotional products to clients. Recipients will appreciate being able to brew their own coffee every morning instead of having to stop at Starbucks.

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