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Movie theaters using promotional products

Movie theaters using more promotional products

The fourth quarter is usually one of the more lucrative times of the year for movie theaters as studios start releasing films that are expected to compete for awards consideration in early 2014. This started early in 2013 with the debuts of “Gravity” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” while other movies like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” will screen closer to Christmas

While the high quality of these films is usually sufficient for attracting audiences, some theaters are looking for new marketing strategies to help find customers. According to Film Journal, promotional products and special giveaways are being used to help achieve that very objective.

This is a strategy that many businesses should consider implementing in order to ensure that they’re successful this holiday season. Theaters can use any number of promotional products in order to increase patronage over the next few weeks.

Films that could potentially compete for Oscars during awards season may draw interest from consumers, but promotional items can help ensure that they’ll go to a theater to see it instead of waiting for the DVD release.

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