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Celebrate National Games & Puzzle Week with promotional items

Celebrate National Games & Puzzle Week with promotional items

November will end with a fun celebration in which all small businesses should participate. According to Apples 4 the Teachers, November 24 through 30 is National Games & Puzzle Week, during which everyone should be allowed to have some fun and enjoy some friendly competitions.

Entrepreneurs should think of some unique games for their employees to play during this week. While board games may suffice in some instances, some workers may want to participate in something more intricate and complex.

Perhaps the simplest way to achieve this end is by setting up a scavenger hunt for the entire staff. Owners can plant clues around their establishments so employees have to figure out what they’re supposed to do and where they should go in order to win the grand prize.

Of course, the rewards might be the most important part of ensuring that everyone wants to participate in National Games & Puzzle Week. Corporate gifts can be given to workers who manage to solve the puzzle before all of their associates. Items like custom coffee mugs and laptop bags can be great prizes for employees who think quickly on their feet and win the scavenger hunt.

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