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Promotional items add personality to trade show exhibits

Promotional items add personality to trade show exhibits

Businesses are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition at trade shows. Many conventions include dozens of exhibitors so it can be difficult for a single company to differentiate itself from everything else. One way to achieve this objective is to distribute unique promotional products to attendees.

According to the Trade Show News Network, promotional items help organizations establish personalities for their brands and build themes. This approach is particularly beneficial when other presenters don’t use giveaways and rely on other marketing tactics to attract potential customers.

There are dozens of different advertisements that businesses can use to generate brand recognition at a trade show. Standard items like pens, keychains and magnets are beneficial because they’re functional and recipients tend to hold onto the products for months on end, which helps a company increase its following.

Alternatively, exhibitors can use unique items to truly stand out from the crowd. For instance, many attendees would enjoy promotional water bottles because they can fill the containers and stay hydrated during the convention. Business owners should consider their options and develop new marketing plans so that every trade show appearance is a success.

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