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Top 5 promotional items for October

Top 5 promotional items for October

October has finally arrived and autumn is in full swing. The new season brings about a great deal of change, especially in nature as the weather is starting to get a bit chillier and leaves turn new colors before they fall to the ground. 

Of course, the new month also means that small business owners should consider updating their marketing plans. To that end, the following is a look at the top five promotional items for October.

Anti-Slip Mobile Phone Stand
Smartphones are everywhere these days. It seems like almost everyone has one of the devices and uses it for practically everything, from making calls and social networking to writing emails and checking bank statements. Some consumers are seemingly attached to their smartphones and want to have them visible at all times.

Small business owners can capitalize on this by distributing the Anti-Slip Mobile Phone Stand. This promotional product can hold almost every type of smartphone vertically so that consumers can easily read their screens. Additionally, a business’ name can be emblazoned on the front of the item so consumers will develop brand recognition every time they send a text or answer a phone call.

Oscar Stylus Pen
One issue with smartphones is that their screens can be tricky to navigate. What’s more, many people smudge their screens with every touch, making it difficult to read messages. The Oscar Stylus Pen can help combat all of these problems

The functional tool helps customers use their touchscreen gadgets with ease. As a bonus, this model also features a standard pen so consumers can write on paper as well. The metal body and chrome accents make the Oscar Stylus Pen a sight to behold. Once small business owners add their logos to this item, they may have the perfect advertisements.

Double Up Custom Tote Bags
Promotional tote bags are popular giveaways among environmentally-conscious customers. Double Up Custom Tote Bags are stylish models that many consumers would likely appreciate. 

The adjustable strap ensures that everyone can find a comfortable setting for themselves. The tote bag comes in blue, lime green, charcoal and orange so small business owners can find the perfect color for their needs. Additionally, all Double Up Custom Tote Bags have grey accents so they stand out from similar products. The eye-catching colors will draw plenty of attention to a company’s logo, which can be emblazoned on the exterior.

16 Oz. Colored Spout Water Bottle
Just because it’s October and the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that customers can stop drinking water. While many people think they only need to stay hydrated in the heat, it’s equally important to have plenty of fluids during colder months.

That’s why the 16 Oz. Colored Spout Water Bottle makes a great giveaway this month. The slim design makes the promotional water bottle easy to carry, and the removable silicone spout makes refilling the container a breeze. Customers will be thankful to receive such a functional gift this October and will see branded imagery each time they take a drink.

Promotional Chocolate Fondue Set
Chocolate is among the most popular food items in October because of Halloween. Many people can’t help but start eating candy well before the holiday, and small business owners can capitalize on everyone’s love of sweets by distributing the Promotional Chocolate Fondue Set this month.

This advertisement features everything someone would need to make chocolate fondue, including steel skewers. Customers will love being able to go home and enjoy dipping their favorite snacks into warm chocolate. This gift may be the best item small business owners can give away to build strong relationships with their clients.

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