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Choose the perfect autumn inspired giveaway.

How to plan autumn-themed marketing events

September has finally arrived, but everyone who loves the fall has to wait a few more weeks for their favorite season to officially begin. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, autumn will start on September 22, and the equinox kicks off at approximately 4:44 p.m. EDT.

The fall is arguably the loveliest time of year all over the United States. Where the summer is brutally hot and the winter is painfully cold, the season that separates the two finds a happy medium and usually features comfortable temperatures with few violent storms.

What’s more, the landscape becomes truly beautiful once the new season begins. In a few short weeks, the leaves will start to turn from green into orange, yellow and red, creating breathtaking scenes, especially in New England. The foliage is truly a sight to behold and is a beloved part of the season.

Fall’s arrival also means that small business owners have an opportunity to enliven their promotional giveaways by making the events themed. This ensures that customers will be excited by the marketing initiatives and want to visit local companies to participate.

Fortunately, autumn features a great deal of elements and symbols that entrepreneurs can capitalize on during their marketing events. Read on for a look at some planning tips for fall-themed marketing events.

All the colors
As noted above, the foliage is one of autumn’s most famous aspects. Many people travel far and wide to locations that usually feature the most vividly colored leaves. After all, a hike or camping trip can be much better than usual if the leaves are brilliantly colored in many different shades instead of just green.

The beautiful colors can easily be used during giveaways as small business owners can decorate their promotional marketing products with the hues. For instance, promotional pens can be light orange and promotional magnets can be orange or yellow.

This approach also ensures that the advertisements will stand out, especially when compared to products that other companies have given away. Bright colors can capture customers’ attention so their eyes will be drawn to the marketing tools on a regular basis. As a result, clients will develop brand recognition sooner rather than later.

Further, the strategy can help a local company prepare for the upcoming holiday season. By distributing promotional items with unique colors now, small business owners can ensure that their regular buyers will remember their enterprises when it’s time to start shopping for presents and decorations. This would allow enterprises to finish 2013 on a strong note and hopefully carry that momentum into the new year.

Capitalize on holidays
The fall is rich in holidays, and though September’s largest celebration has already past, there are still plenty of other opportunities for small business owners to grow their brands in the coming months. Between Columbus Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, autumn features some of the best days of the year that entrepreneurs can capitalize on for their marketing events.

Small business owners should use these holidays for every advertising because they’ll help companies connect with consumers. What’s more, these celebrations share many common elements. For instance, pumpkins are popular around Halloween, but are also regular fixtures of Thanksgiving. Additionally, the orange coloring makes it an eye-catching symbol for the entire season, not just a couple of holidays.

Spread events out
Perhaps the worst strategy that a small business owner could follow is holding an abundance of marketing events in rapid succession. Customers will likely grow tired of attending giveaways if they’re all held in a small window, so entrepreneurs should spread their events out over the entire season. Leaders should consider holding one or two promotions per month so that clients won’t get bored of them.

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