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Top 5 promotional items for September

Top 5 promotional items for September

August has officially reached its conclusion and the ninth month of the year has already begun. September brings a great deal of change besides just new pages in a calendar. This new month includes autumn’s arrival and is when most children head back to school for another year of learning.

Of course, a new month means that small business owners need to update their marketing plans. September can be a great time for entrepreneurs to hold promotional giveaways and attract customers to their establishments. These marketing events are nothing without the right promotional items so below is a list of the top five gifts for September.

Personalized 15 oz. Ceramic Mug
Few people can wake up without their morning coffee. Every day many consumers wait in line at cafes or turn to their home brewers so they can have their java as soon as they get out of bed.

That’s why a 16 oz. Stylish Cafe Ceramic Mug is a great promotional gift. Customers will use the items every single day and develop brand recognition. This ensures that small business owners will be able to develop lasting marketing campaigns while distributing functional presents that every client will love.

Regatta Quadrant Pocket Pal Promotional Calendar
September brings everyone one step closer to the end of 2013 and the arrival of 2014. The new year is a time for beginnings and putting the past away. Unfortunately for consumers, this also means that they have to buy new calendars and planners because their old models are officially out of date.

A Regatta Quadrant Pocket Pal Promotional Calendar might be the best promotional pocket calendar that small business owners can give to their customers this September. This all-black model features a smooth exterior so it’s as fashionable as it is functional, meaning clients will love carrying it around and writing down all of their important appointments.

Parisien Stylus Pen
Promotional pens are among the most popular giveaways because they’re always useful. Everyone’s been caught in a situation where they needed to write something down, only to find that they don’t have any writing utensils handy.

The Parisien Stylus Pen may be the ideal gift for these technological times because it’s an upgrade over analog pens. The item can be used to write on paper and as a stylus so customers can control their touchscreen devices. Any client who has a smartphone or tablet will appreciate the combination so they don’t have to carry two tools everywhere.

Magnetic Memo Board Calendar
Traditional promotional wall calendars are amazingly effective advertisements because they last for a whole year. Small business owners can rely on calendars to generate brand awareness for 12 months, which few other marketing materials could match, much less surpass.

The Magnetic Mirage Promotional Dry-Erase Board functions offers the same longevity, but has a much different design than their traditional counterparts. This model includes a large dry-erase board that customers can use to write down any important notes.

Berkshire Tote Bag
Everyone has too many things they need every day and not nearly enough pockets to store all of them. While it would be nice to cut down the clutter, that’s not always practical. For instance, few consumers would be willing to leave either their smartphones, tablets, wallets or keys at home.

The Berkshire Tote Bag is a stylish tote bag that professionals can use to carry all of their necessities. This model even includes a fashionable pouch that clients can use to store their most fragile items. Customers will appreciate any small business that gives away such great and functional bags.

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