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Win over college students with promotional items

Win over college students with promotional items

The school year is almost here, which is great news for small business owners in college towns. These entrepreneurs rely on students to help their companies thrive because many cities turn into ghost towns as soon as everyone goes home for the summer.

Of course, this means that small business owners have to market to young consumers in order to increase sales while school is in session. Jeff Gawronski, president of Dorm Co., told Entrepreneur Magazine that entrepreneurs should stay true to themselves instead of trying to capitalize on popular trends.

“College students are very quick about sniffing out a phony. I’ve seen business owners try to act cool, and it [costs them] their credibility. It’s best to [be yourself] rather than try to send the message, ‘Hey, I’m cool, I’m hip.’ Because, like it or not, they’ll decide what’s hip,” Gawronski said.

Essentially, this means that small business owners should use traditional marketing techniques instead of being deliberately provocative to attract college students. Resources like promotional items should be more than sufficient for bringing young consumers into an establishment. Entrepreneurs should find great products like promotional pens and calendars that students can use all year long in order to establish brand recognition.

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