Use football season for promotions

At long last, the wait for football is finally at an end. According to CBS Sports, all NFL teams will officially be in training camp as of July 26, marking the return of America’s most popular sport. While baseball may be the national pastime, there’s no denying the popularity of professional football.

The sport dominates airwaves and discussions from July to February. Even during the offseason, many media outlets and fans can’t help but talk about football as they worry about free agency and the draft, both of which affect their teams’ chances at winning the championship the following year.

The return of the NFL is also a great opportunity for small business owners as they can capitalize on the sport with promotional marketing products. By using team colors and city names, entrepreneurs can tie their advertising campaigns to football.

However, company leaders have to be careful to avoid copyright violations. The NFL and its franchises own logos and team names so those elements can’t be include in promotional materials unless an enterprise is an official sponsor, which is likely too expensive for most small businesses.

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