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Offer promotional pens as backups

Offer promotional pens as backups

Everyone occasionally loses a pen from time to time. From students to executives, many people are caught unprepared because they can’t remember where they left their writing utensils. As a result, these people have to waste precious minutes searching for replacements or bother their friends and colleagues to borrow pens.

This is a huge problem, especially for workers. Every second spent on trying to locate a pen is a second of lost productivity. This means that some staff members might not be able to finish their work or will have to stay late in order to make up the difference.

Small business owners can essentially eliminate this problem by distributing promotional pens. The sponsored items ensure that customers will always have writing utensils available whenever they need to jot down some quick notes.

There are a wide range of pens that entrepreneurs can distribute to their clients. For instance, stylus pens can be given to customers who split their time between taking notes on paper and electronic devices. Alternatively, flashlight pens are great because they offer the functionality of two separate tools in one convenient package.

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