Social media being used to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

Social media is the latest tool being used to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS. The New York Times reports that the Center for AIDS Research, a joint program of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, is developing an online forum to help combat transmission of the diseases.

For the initiative, representatives for different demographics were asked to participate. The ultimate goal is for people in every group and subculture, including recent immigrants, to learn about best practices for avoiding the conditions and how to stay healthy.

HIV/AIDS awareness is a cause that small business owners should support. Entrepreneurs can educate customers by distributing promotional marketing products that are modeled after the red awareness ribbon used for World AIDS Day.

Everyday promotional items can be used to raise awareness for fight against these terrible diseases. For instance, there are pens with the symbol emblazoned on their sides and key chains that resemble the red ribbon. Every time consumers use their promotional gifts, they’ll remember that additional steps have to be taken in order to cure HIV/AIDS, which may lead to further medical advances in the future.

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