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Racetrack using promotional giveaways for marketing

Racetrack using promotional giveaways for marketing

The summer brings many entertainment options, especially in the world of sports as baseball kicks into high gear and European soccer starts in August. One commonly overlooked sport is horse racing, but the new season is almost here. Some race tracks are going above and beyond to excite fans this years.

For instance, Saratoga Race Course will hold promotional giveaways to generate interest and attract customers throughout the summer. According to The Saratogian, there will be four marketing events held this year and each will be on a Sunday. The track will distribute logo-emblazoned t-shirts, drinkware, model racetracks and bobbleheads.

The goal of the giveaways is to bring fans to the track. Some consumers choose not to actually come to the stadium as they can view races from their laptops, which is generally more convenient than traveling.

Small business owners can copy Saratoga Race Course’s strategy by holding giveaways of their own throughout the summer. Holding regular events can entice customers to visit establishments instead of just shopping online. What’s more, entrepreneurs can go a step further by giving out different promotional items at each giveaway so clients have to visit multiple times to collect every product.

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