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How to combine Snapchat and promotional giveaways

How to combine Snapchat and promotional giveaways

Promotional giveaways are great marketing events that allow small business owners to enhance brand recognition and reach out to consumers. In most cases, dozens of customers attend in order to receive unique promotional products and participate in special contests.

Entrepreneurs always do their best to make sure that their giveaways stand out from those held by other professionals. One way owners can improve their events is by using Snapchat for marketing purposes and generating excitement among customers.

Snapchat is a smartphone app that allows users to take pictures or videos and send them to other contacts. The appealing part is that all content is deleted after a specified period of time so that the messages aren’t visible after a short viewing window.

Social Media Today explains that small business owners can use Snapchat by encouraging customers to take pictures or record videos to show how well the events are going. The files can be sent to friends and family members so that more people will come to the giveaways.

The videos and pictures sent via Snapchat will serve as teasers so consumers will be interested in the marketing events. The app may help a business break its attendance record for a giveaway.

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