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The result of Myron's promotional calendar survey

The results of Myron’s promotional calendar survey

Promotional wall calendars are great marketing tools that help small business owners advertise to their customers all year long. Every month when consumers open up to a new page, they’ll see branded content and develop recognition for a specific company. The annual gifts are functional from January 1 to December 31 to ensure that recipients will hold on to the items.

However, there’s never been a clear set of guidelines for promotional calendars. Some small business owners swear by certain techniques, while other entrepreneurs firmly believe in other methods. This disagreement has lead to a wide range of styles used in sponsored schedules with many sharing similarities.

Myron recently took steps to find out what clients think about promotional calendars and how to best use these marketing tools. Myron takes pride in hearing from its customers and uses the feedback to improve unique promotional products.

To that end, the company recently held a contest from June 3 to June 17 to see what clients think about promotional calendars. The goal was to see what features were most popular and what types of calendars were most sought after.

The grand prize was a set of 50 wall calendars which were customized for the victor’s business. All in all, three winners were chosen and given the new marketing tools.

The results of the contest were somewhat surprising in that respondents essentially stated that they liked newer functions. The top three most sought after features are:

  • Dry erase boards and markers
  • Post-it notes for reminders
  • Stickers to mark special appointments

Ultimately, these results show that customers expect to be able to mark their calendars because it’s important to have a schedule for upcoming events. Respondents demonstrated that they want to ensure that they can keep themselves organized by writing down key dates.

Additionally, Myron’s contest helped uncover the most popular themes for wall calendars. The top three themes are:

  • Pets & animals
  • Nature
  • Travel

Who doesn’t love seeing cute animals every day? People want adorable critters to adorn their walls because the animals will help brighten anyone’s day.

Calendars with pictures of nature help customers visit lands they’ve never been to before. It might difficult to reach a mountain’s snowy peak or hike to a secluded grassy hill, but calendars can transport consumers to almost any location.

Finally, travel calendars are great for customers who dream of going on their own journeys some day to escape the day-to-day drudgery .

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