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Planning promotional giveaways from Independence Day

Planning promotional giveaways for Independence Day

While the summer isn’t exactly the holiday season, it does still feature outstanding celebrations that small business owners can use for promotional giveaways. While most of these occasions are minor and somewhat forgettable there is one day in particular that almost every American loves to acknowledge – Independence Day. Indeed, the Fourth of July is extremely popular because it represents the United States’ heritage and reminds citizens of the nation’s roots.

The holiday commemorates the day that the colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Traditionally, Independence Day involves firework shows, flags and an enormous sense of patriotic pride. Small business owners can help customers celebrate the U.S. by holding unique giveaways in the days and weeks leading up to the big day. Here are a few planning tips small business owners should follow before their events in early July.

Pick the date carefully
Timing is everything when it comes to marketing events. Obviously, entrepreneurs need to find the optimal moments to schedule their giveaways to ensure that customers will actually attend. After all, if no one shows up to receive promotional items brand exposure won’t increase.

Scheduling a giveaway near the Fourth of July is a bit tricky. First, consumers won’t participate in events on the actual day. Also, Time and Date explains that the holiday falls on a Thursday in 2013. This makes picking the perfect date difficult because some customers might not be able to attend giveaways during the work week.

Perhaps the best way to hold a marketing event for Independence Day is to start it the Saturday before the actual holiday and allow the celebration to continue through July 3. This ensures that all patrons have plenty of time to visit an establishment and partake in the patriotic proceedings. Ultimately, this lengthy format helps small business owners attract customers and raise brand awareness.

Have sufficient supplies
With an extended giveaway, small business owners face a very particular set of challenges. Specifically, with so many days when customers can come in and receive promotional marketing products, entrepreneurs must ensure that they have sufficient supplies so that no clients walk away disappointed.

When businesses promise giveaways, they must make good on that guarantee. When patrons aren’t given special gifts, they’ll likely develop negative opinions of that company. In some cases, unhappy consumers may go online and post unfavorable reviews on social networks and websites like Yelp.

Entrepreneurs should determine how many promotional items they should purchase well before the giveaways begin. One way to gauge consumers’ interests in specific items is to conduct a survey and ask customers what gifts they’d actually want to receive. By taking this step, owners will ensure that they can purchase the optimal amount of merchandise and no one will be upset that they missed out. What’s more, researching client expectations will prevent owners from having an abundance of patriotic presents on the fifth of July.

How to decorate gifts for Independence Day
Consumers expect patriotic themes and imagery on Independence Day. The Fourth of July is supposed to be a celebration of the American spirit and the country’s origins. As a result, small business owners must find ways to incorporate American symbols into promotional items and other marketing materials.

The simplest way to make sponsored gifts patriotic is by using red, white and blue. The flag’s colors are important to Americans and are easy to include on promotional presents. What’s more, small business owners can emulate the flag by using white stars and red stripes. Alternatively, emblazoning bald eagles and other symbols on gifts will make them stand out.

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