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Baseball team shows commitment to fans with promotional giveaways

Baseball team shows commitment to fans with promotional giveaways

Baseball teams always try to go above and beyond for their fans. Many franchises rely on promotional giveaways to draw large crowds and fill their stadiums. Specifically, the San Diego Padres will use ¬†marketing events and sponsored gifts for the rest of the 2013 baseball season. Ron Fowler, the team’s executive vice chairman, said in a statement that Padres want to show their appreciation for all the support through small presents.

“The fans asked and we listened. Providing more, unique giveaway items and promotional events is our way of showing Padres fans that their feedback and their support matter to us. We appreciate them, our players appreciate them, and we’re excited to spend our summer together at Petco Park,” Fowler stated.

The Padres will be giving away fedoras, reusable tote bags and other items during events throughout the remainder of the season. The gifts should convince some fans to buy tickets and come to the park.

This is a lesson that all small business owners should learn. Using promotional items and scheduling events in advanced can help ensure that customers actually visit the establishments. What’s more, logo-emblazoned products help bolster brand recognition.

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