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Promotional items can help customers uncover the truth on UFO Day

Promotional items can help customers uncover the truth on UFO Day

It’s never too early for small business owners to look ahead for new marketing opportunities. It can take weeks for an entrepreneur to properly prepare for promotional giveaways, and professionals who use holidays to attract consumers have strict deadlines. After all, customers won’t want to honor celebrations after the actual date. As a result, company officials must ensure that they are ready for the upcoming holidays in advance.

With June rapidly coming to its midpoint, small business owners should look ahead to the special occasions in July. While Independence Day is the largest holiday in the month, it’s not the first major celebration as that honor is bestowed upon World UFO Day, which is observed on July 2, according to World UFO Day Organization. The date was chosen to raise awareness for extraterrestrial events and convince the government to let the public know if aliens have visited Earth. Specifically, the WUFODO wants to know what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, when an spaceship supposedly crashed near the town.

Some small business owners might be hesitant to market toward consumers who believe in UFOs. The goal of distributing promotional items is to increase brand awareness among a large group, not a small section of the public. However, believers aren’t part of a niche bunch of theorists. According to Live Science, a 2012 survey performed by Kelton Research and the National Geographic Channel shows that 80 million Americans believe that aliens exist. What’s more, 77 percent of poll respondents believe there is evidence that suggest that Earth has been visited by beings from other planets.

Obviously, this is a sizable portion of the population that small business owners can’t ignore. World UFO Day might not be a mainstream holiday, but the massive following shows that July 2 is a great marketing opportunity for independent companies. Moreover, unique promotional products can help entrepreneurs capitalize on the widespread belief in extraterrestrials.

Decorating for the invasion
The easiest way to celebrate World UFO Day is to use intergalactic imagery on promotional items. Pens, calendars, notepads and other standard fare can be livened up with small graphics that help customers celebrate their beliefs in alien life.

For instance, a small business owner can emblazon the image of a UFO on promotional key rings so that recipients remember that the truth is out there every time they reach for their keys. Alternatively, pictures of aliens could be printed on sponsored notepads so theorists can think about what it would be like to meet the creatures.

Incorporating special decorations with logos can help a small business stand out on World UFO Day. On the holiday, believers want to know that a company supports the idea of alien life and visitors from beyond the stars. Distributing promotional gifts with custom graphics that representative outer space can help entrepreneurs turn July 2 into a great promotional day.

Staying ready for interplanetary visitors
Of course, some consumers aren’t content to think about the possibility of aliens arriving on Earth as there are people who believe they must prepare for the occasion. To these theorists, it’s imperative that they have the necessary tools to greet extraterrestrials and be ready in case life on this planet is completely changed by the visit.

To that end, small business owners can help customers prepare for the worst by distributing promotional items that would be beneficial in crisis situations. This starts by giving away logo-emblazoned water bottles because disposable containers will likely be things of the past after the aliens invade. However, entrepreneurs can ensure that human-extraterrestrial relations start on the right foot by taking a lesson from Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” and making candy available.

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