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Patriotic giveaways can help promote your business

Patriotic giveaways can help promote your business

Small business owners should use themes to create truly unique promotional giveaways. With the summer approaching, entrepreneurs have plenty of opportunities to differentiate their marketing efforts from standard fare. May, June, July and August are when there are many great events that can be used for advertising and effectively help a local company reach out to the community.

Specifically, most of these months include patriotic holidays that celebrate the United States. This starts in May with Memorial Day, June features Flag Day and then there’s the Fourth of July. All of these days are meant to give Americans time to reflect on their nation and its history. What’s more, these annual events allow consumers to celebrate their patriotism.

In fact, a recent poll shows that Americans are feeling more patriotic than they have in the past. In a 2010 study, Gallup found that 32 percent of respondent were “extremely patriotic,” which is a 6 percent increase from the previous survey that was conducted in 2005.

Consumers love their country and want to celebrate their heritage this summer. Small business owners can assist with that objective by distributing promotional items that include patriotic themes and imagery. The sponsored products will be adored by customers and help local companies establish brand recognition. Below is a look at some gifts that entrepreneurs can give away this summer.

Patriotic Thermal Changing Mug
At first glance this mug might not look patriotic or promotional because of its all-black exterior. However, the Patriotic Thermal Changing Mug’s appearance changes to reveal logos and an American flag once hot liquid is poured inside. Consumers will be delighted when they pour their coffee into the cups to reveal Old Glory every morning.

The unique promotional product is fun and represents a nice change from standard gifts. Recipients will enjoy the presents because of the changing appearance. What’s more, the mugs also help customers determine if they’re beverages are adequately warm. When the flag and logos start to fade, consumers will know its time to heat up their drinks.

3-in-1 Regatta Tribute Custom Notepad
The mug is a great start to including patriotic imagery on items, and small business owners can continue that trend with the 3-in-1 Regatta Tribute Custom Notepad. The special pad includes a front cover that features the red, white and blue of the American flag. Additionally, there are five stars on the white field. Finally, a small business owner can emblazon his or her logo on the bottom section of the blue field. The notepad is a great gift for customers who want to bring patriotic colors into everyday environments. For instance, an office worker might appreciate the gift because he or she doesn’t have room for a flag on the desk.

However, calling this gift a notepad is selling it a bit short as it also includes a calendar and promotional pen. Consumers will love the present because it is both patriotic and extremely functional in almost every setting. Customers will certainly be thankful to the business that distributed such lovely giveaways.

Patriot Pocket Pal Calendar
For consumers who want to carry patriotic schedules with them, the Patriot Pocket Pal Calendar is the ideal option. The small calendars can fit directly in someone’s pocket and feature an American flag on the exterior. Every time consumers pull out their handy gifts, they’ll see a company’s logo and a symbol that represents America. The functional calendar will help recipients show off their patriotism while staying organized and ensuring that they don’t leave anything off their to-do lists.

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