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The importance of color in branding

The importance of color in branding

The purpose of distributing promotional marketing products is to bolster brand recognition. Ultimately, this is the goal that small business owners have in mind when creating every advertisement because they want consumers to recognize a company and remember it. There are many factors that come into play when branding an enterprise. The logo is perhaps the most noticeable and reputation certainly impacts a corporate image.

That said, there’s a basic feature that has greater influence on a brand than small business owners may think. Color actually carries a great deal of weight and can help shape how consumers think of a company. In an infographic, Marketo explains that while picking a color is free, the wrong choice can have a huge impact on the bottom line in the long run. What’s more, color is the first element that consumers notice in a logo, meaning the public’s reception of a design is affected by the specific hue used.

Additionally, Smashing Magazine notes that companies must use the same color scheme across various platforms to ensure that consumers can develop brand recognition. The news source points out that Wal-Mart has done very well in this regard over the last few years. The retailer uses its familiar blue and white pattern in its advertisements and website so that customers are immersed in the business’ image.

Small business owners should follow Wal-Mart’s example by consistently using the same color scheme. For instance, a restaurateur who uses red and green on his or her establishment’s signs should use the same shades online and on promotional items. This ensures that customers will be able to identify a company through various channels, both analog and digital. When entrepreneurs mix and match colors, they run the risk of confusing clients

How promotional products help
One of the benefits of using promotional products for branding is that they can be customized to match specific needs. Small business owners can find items that are geared toward achieving certain goals while bolstering brand recognition. This means that entrepreneurs can choose the proper colors to ensure that they match those used in all other marketing materials.

Moreover, small business owners can always find unique ways to blend their colors. For instance, the bodies of promotional pens can be decorated with one hue while the other is used for the lettering and logo. An attention-grabbing style is a great way to help customers identify a brand.

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