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Don't forget beach-themed promotional items this summer

Don’t forget beach-themed promotional items this summer

As the summer inches closer and closer, many consumers can only think of heading to one place in the near future – the beach. Soon, the school year will be over and many consumers will head out on their annual trips. Few vacation destinations are as popular as the beach, and small business owners can ensure that all of their customers can have some fun in the sun by distributing entertaining promotional items.

There are a few necessities that every beachgoer needs, including mats and beach balls. Entrepreneurs can distribute these products during promotional giveaways to help customers enjoy their time on the shore.

Staying high and dry
One of the joys of going to the beach is taking a nice relaxing dip in the ocean. When the temperature is near its annual high and the sun is scorching, a nice swim in the Atlantic or Pacific is usually the ideal way to beat the heat. Unfortunately, once vacationers are soaked it can be difficult to enjoy time at the beach because sand sticks to wet skin. Sitting on the shore isn’t really an option unless you have the right equipment available, but few consumers want to lug heavy beach chairs every time they head to the water.

Small business owners can help ensure that sand doesn’t ruin customers’ time at the beach by distributing Custom Beach Mats as unique promotional products. These aren’t towels, but water- and sand-resistant mats that consumers can use when they don’t want to lay down directly in the sand. The sponsored items are approximately six feet in length, meaning that they have sufficient space for all but the tallest consumers.

The mats fold up into a convenient bag the bears a company’s logo on the outside. When customers are walking around the beach trying to find the perfect spot, they’ll effectively be advertising for the small business that distributed the functional gifts.

Have a ball
One of the downsides of going to the beach is there isn’t all that much to do aside from swimming and tanning. Vacationers are essentially left to their own devices if they want to do anything beyond listening to waves crash on the shore.

Small business owners can give away multi-colored beach balls so that customers can have some fun in the sun. The inflatable presents allow clients to play volleyball or other fun games to avoid boredom while on the beach. After a rousing competition, everyone can hop in the water to cool off.

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