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Announcing the winner of the Inspirational Moms Essay Contest

Announcing the winner of the Inspirational Moms Essay Contest

In late April, Myron started a Facebook contest to celebrate Mother’s Day. Contestants simply had to write essays about how their moms touched their lives and served as inspirational figures. The response was overwhelming, and people wrote in with heartwarming tales that demonstrated how wonderful their mothers are. The prizes were a Cardona Travel Collection, which includes a jewelry roll, cosmetics bag and compact mirror, and a pair of Burgos flats.

Melissa won with her touching tale, titled “For My Mom,” about how she and her mom (who’s pictured with Melissa’s niece) went into business together.

For My Mom
When I told my mom I wanted to open a mobile grooming business and have her as my business partner she was ecstatic. She told me there was no way I could fail, I was too good at what I did. She and I had been working together at a grooming salon and I wanted something of my own but did not want to do it by myself. When taking a huge leap, who better to be by your side but your mom? She had been dealing with some financial struggles of her own and this business promised a brighter future for both of us.

I began the search for a used mobile grooming vehicle and found one about 5 hours away from us. I left my husband and two young kids at home and my mom and I hit the road to go look at our future business vehicle. I was a nervous wreck. I was so afraid of the “what if’s”. Mostly the “what if I fail?” After deciding we were going to buy this van, we sat in the hotel room and I paced as the anxiety took hold. My mom took me by the shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “You can do this.” If it wasn’t for her presence I most likely would have chickened out and left without the grooming van. It was my mom who made me believe in myself. That weekend was incredibly special for me. It had been a long time since my mom and I had spent a weekend together. She told me how proud of me she was and that even if I wasn’t her daughter, she’d still love me.

A week after we drove the new van home my mom passed unexpectedly. It has been five years now since she’s been gone. It took me a little longer to open my business than originally planned but I knew she would want me to continue with it. I opened it March 12, 2008, on what would have been her 56th birthday. As usual, my mom was right. I didn’t fail and I am now about to put my second grooming van on the road with an employee in it. Thanks mom, I love you.

Additional stories
In honor of Mother’s Day, some other entries deserve special attention. Below are some excepts of some heartwarming tales that show how much moms mean to their loved ones.

My Mom Rocks!
[My mom] supported my sister all the way to the London 2012 Olympics! My sister could never have been an Olympian without my mom there every step of the way, encouraging her. She should be the parent of the month because of everything she’s given up for us. We are so thankful she’s our mom because without her, we would not be nearly as successful, confident or capable. Thanks mom!

Always Smiling
The woman who most inspires me is also the one I’ve know the longest. A single mother to four children, you can imagine the difficult road my mother walked. But, whenever you see her, she’s smiling. And, she inspires others to continue smiling, despite difficult circumstances. She is truly unique and a blessing to many.

While it’s not my mom but the love of my life, she has inspired me to be a better man and father. Our son will be born this month and we’re so excited! She has made me want to do better, I was headed down the wrong path until she came back into my life, and I’m grateful for what shes done for me.

All of these heartwarming tales demonstrate the special bonds mothers share with their families. Remember to show your mom you care this Mother’s Day by telling her you love her and giving her unique mother’s day gifts like the Cardona Travel Collection.

Additionally, Myron will also celebrate Father’s Day with a special contest. After Mother’s Day, start thinking about a special story about you and your father to share so you can win a great prize and have your tale shared with the world.

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