Promotional items can help female patients stay healthy

Doctors and small business owners can distribute promotional marketing products that can help women stay healthy. Female consumers are at risk for numerous diseases and conditions that can diminish their quality of life. Moreover, some of these ailments are fatal when they aren’t treated properly.

Women should do their best to monitor their health, but the medical community and local businesses, specifically gyms, can also play crucial parts by raising awareness for common medical issues like heart disease. Additionally, promotional items can motivate female consumers to take better care of themselves to diminish the risk of suffering from various conditions.

The heart aches
Heart disease is a very common ailment that afflicts millions of women. According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, 8 million women in the United States have heart disease, approximately 35,000 of whom are younger than the age of 65. Female victims are more likely to die from heart attacks than their male counterparts – 42 percent of women who suffer heart attacks die within 12 months while only 24 percent of men pass away during the same time period. Finally, 267,000 women have fatal heart attacks every year, and another 31,837 die from congestive heart failure.

Unfortunately, identifying heart attacks isn’t as simple as detecting other medical conditions because some warning signs don’t seem like causes for concern. The WHF reports that 71 percent of victims claimed that they initially felt weak like they were suffering from the early stages of the flu. Many women also stated that they didn’t have any chest pain, which is perhaps the most notable symptom of a heart attack.

Doctors must teach female patients how to identify heart disease and other cardiac events. The knowledge will help women monitor their health and reduce certain risks. During appointments, medical professionals should highlight how prevalent heart disease is and why women should be concerned.

Medical professionals should distribute promotional pens and notepads so female patients can take notes during their appointments. The sponsored gifts will allow women to write down what symptoms they should look for. Additionally, the pens and paper will help clients remember their doctors’ advice so they can continue fighting heart disease. This will prevent female patients from forgetting what tips their cardiologists and primary-care physicians recommended for heart health.

Getting and staying active
In most cases, doctors will likely tell their clients to lead active lifestyles and lose excess weight. The Mayo Clinic suggests that a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are extremely beneficial for preventing heart disease and improving cardiac health. Women who work out and eat well are healthier than those who don’t participate in either activity and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and related conditions.

Doctors should detail diets for their female patients. Telling clients what and how much they should eat will help fight heart disease. Alternatively, medical professionals can distribute promotional calendars with various dietary tips. On each page, physicians can include healthy dishes or food facts so patients know what they should or shouldn’t be eating every day.

Additionally, local gym owners and trainers should get involved by distributing unique promotional products of their own during giveaways. Fitness centers can attract new clients by offering small gifts for signing up for trial memberships. For instance, branded water bottles can be great items that can bring consumers to a gym. Additionally, trainers should consider handing out sponsored pedometers so women know just how active they actually are throughout the day. Seeing how few steps they take in a day can motivate female clients to start exercising more frequently.

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