May is National Transportation Month

Small business owners can celebrate National Transportation Month with promotional giveaways in May. Everyone has places to go and people to see, and this month-long observance is meant to spotlight how consumers travel from one location to another. Additionally, entrepreneurs can help their employees enjoy National Transportation Month by distributing personalized business gifts that make commuting to work less stressful.

There are a finite number of travel options, especially for getting to the office each day. Some of the most popular choices are driving, taking public transportation and riding a bicycle. Small business owners can distribute unique promotional products that will help consumers and employees no matter which mode of transportation they use each day.

By car
For some people, driving is the best way to get around. However, vehicles are prone to breakdowns and mechanical failures so consumers and employees are sometimes stranded while they wait for assistance.

Small business owners can ensure that their customers and staff members are prepared for vehicular problems by distributing maintenance kits as promotional items. The helpful gifts include jumper cables, tire gauges and screwdrivers so car owners can perform necessary repairs without having to pay a mechanic.

Additionally, Education World recommends that educators should teach children how to write directions during National Transportation Month. Small business owners can use this tactic by distributing promotional pens and notepads so recipients always have directions before hitting the road.

Some workers and consumers are leaving their cars in their garages and riding their bicycles more often. Yale University even offers a bike-sharing program to its staff to encourage faculty members to use eco-friendly transportation. With the arrival of warm weather in the spring, small business owners should help cyclists stay cool by distributing branded water bottles as promotional marketing products. The functional gifts will help keep employees and consumers cool during their bike rides so they won’t be too hot when they arrive at work.

Public transportation
Finally, public transportation remains a popular choice for many members of the workforce in major metropolitan areas. In many cases, traffic is too congested to drive and the streets are too dangerous for bicycling, so people take trains, buses and ferries to get to work. However, some consumers may rush out the door without drinking their coffee because they don’t want to miss their ride. Small business owners should distribute promotional travel mugs so customers can enjoy their java while commuting in the morning.

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