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How to create a hashtag for promotional marketing products

How to create a hashtag for promotional marketing products

Social media marketing is a valuable resource for small business owners because it facilitates direct communication between companies and consumers. Additionally, social networks allow businesses to use multiple forms of content, including pictures and videos. Hashtags are also important features that can help independent enterprises generate new leads and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Twitter and Instagram both measure hashtags, and The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Facebook may start using the feature in the near future. Small business owners should create hashtags as part of their social media marketing strategies.

The short slogans can also be included in other advertising materials to generate more awareness for a marketing campaign. For instance, a hashtag can easily be emblazoned on unique promotional products. Small business owners can encourage customers to tweet about their sponsored giveaways by using the hashtag.

Creating a hashtag is a necessary step in a social media marketing campaign. Read on for a few tips for developing one that you can use on major social networks and promotional items.

Have an objective
According to Social Media Today, small business owners should have specific goals for their hashtags because they can be used to achieve different ends. For instance, one might be used to direct consumers to an e-commerce site, but another might be designed to create buzz for promotional giveaways.

Having a clear objective allows entrepreneurs to optimize their hashtags for certain purposes. A general slogan likely won’t be as effective as a more specific one so small business owners should pick goals before developing their hashtags.

Be unique
Consumers and companies are constantly updating their social networks so a marketing hashtag can easily be lost in a sea of content, especially if it’s overly broad. Other users might use a general hashtag for different purposes so a small business’ advertising campaign wouldn’t reach many people.

The Social Media Examiner recommends creating a unique hashtag that consumers can easily find amid all the other posts. The news source uses Verizon as an example because the company develops individual hashtags for every event. Small business owners can follow this strategy by using new hashtags for every promotional item distributed during a giveaway.

Additionally, the hashtag should include some mention of business’ name. This will help ensure that the slogan is specific to one establishment so consumers will know what company started the marketing campaign. A short reference is crucial for brand awareness if a tweet goes viral and users want to know what company started the trending topic.

Keep it short
Econsultancy points out that there is limited room on social networks so businesses can’t write lengthy hashtags. Additionally, creating three or four hashtags can hurt a marketing campaign and a company’s overall message. The news source also notes that consumers may misspell slogans that are overly lengthy so entrepreneurs should use shorter versions.

There is also limited space available on promotional items. Entrepreneurs must ensure that they can emblazon their entire slogan on promotional pens or magnets without running out of space. Otherwise, consumers will see incomplete messages and won’t be able to tweet with the hashtags.

Have fun
In some cases, small business owners forget to have fun with their marketing strategies. Ultimately, this can lead to bland content that doesn’t actively engage consumers. Entrepreneurs should have fun with their hashtags by being creative. Using a small joke or memorable catchphrase can ensure that clients will enjoy their promotional gifts and will tweet using the hashtags. Injecting a bit of levity can help a small business stand out on social media.

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