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Expand a customer base with promotional marketing products

Expand a customer base with promotional marketing products

Unique promotional products are some of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses. Unlike other advertisements, branded items are valuable to consumers on a practical level and can be kept for extended periods of time. For instance, a shopper will only hold on to a flyer if it has a special coupon, but promotional pens can fill everyday needs.

The Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Associate states that giveaways have another benefit – they can be used to target consumers outside of the usual customer base. According to the source, small business owners can reach out to people who aren’t regular clients by holding promotional events.

Other advertising platforms are highly targeted and cannot generate as many leads. For example, email marketing only allows entrepreneurs to advertise to customers who have subscribed to their mailing lists. This means that the advertisements can only reinforce brand recognition, not generate leads.

Small business owners can use promotional items to expand into new markets. Instead of being limited to their current clients, entrepreneurs can find more customers by giving away functional gifts like pens, flash drives and calendars. All of these branded products have everyday functionality, so consumers will keep the presents as long as possible.

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