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Are small promotional items the best advertising tools?

Are small promotional items the best advertising tools?

Unique promotional products help small business owners expand their brands, but some items are better for marketing than others. Certain entrepreneurs may believe that bigger is better when it comes to their branded giveaways. However, Inc. Magazine writes that size doesn’t matter, and that larger items are not as effective as their smaller counterparts.

Nancy Nguyen, owner of Sweet T, told the news source that consumers do not want to carry bulky items. The more cumbersome promotional products are, the less likely it is that customers will keep the gifts for extended periods of time.

Small business owners should bolster the shelf lives of their promotional items by choosing conveniently sized options. Branded items like pens, flash drives and key rings fit in consumers’ pockets, so they won’t be disposed of immediately.

Alternatively, entrepreneurs can distribute tote bags during promotional giveaways so customers can carry all of their gifts. This may be the most effective strategy, because consumers keep branded bags for a longer period of time than most items. According to the Advertising Special Institute, the average person keeps a tote bag for 6.3 months. Recipients can use the functional products to carry every item they receive during these events.

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