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Raise awareness for breast cancer with promotional items

Unique promotional products can raise awareness for important causes like breast cancer. While National Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t until October, the disease afflicts millions of people throughout the year. Additionally, a recent study indicates that women under the age of 40 should be regularly tested for the condition.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the rate of breast cancer in young women is increasing. Research indicates that while the number of diagnoses among females aged 25 to 39 is climbing, the rate did not rise for women 40 and up.

Small business owners need to shine a light on this terrible disease more often than just in October. Independent entrepreneurs can give away promotional marketing products modeled after the pink ribbon used to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Traditional giveaways like key rings and USB drives use the ribbon to promote the important cause. Additionally, the symbols can be emblazoned on promotional pens and mugs. Small business owners can help ensure that women of all ages know that they should be tested for breast cancer. Increased awareness can help combat the disease and prevent it from affecting many people.

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