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Use the Super Bowl for advertising

Use the Super Bowl for advertising

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the entire year. Millions of people from around the globe tune in to watch the NFL’s two best teams battle for supremacy. The game isn’t the most popular part of the broadcast, however – the commercials draw the most attention. According to Yahoo! Sports, some Canadians are installing 30-foot antennas just so they can watch the American advertisements during the game.

Unfortunately, small businesses likely can’t afford to air Super Bowl commercials. Forbes recently reported that 30 seconds of airtime costs approximately four million dollars. The news source points out that the exorbitant price might not even be worth it, because viewers will likely be distracted by their smartphones.

Small business owners can still capitalize on the Super Bowl by holding promotional giveaways over the weekend. Local establishments can distribute small gifts with football-related imagery. The special events will attract fans who are preparing for the big game.

As with all sports-related advertising, entrepreneurs have to be careful about copyright infringement. Team logos and names are protected and cannot be used without authorization. Additionally, the NFL holds the trademark for the term “Super Bowl,” so it can’t be used by certain parties. Small business owners should use generic identifiers like “Football Championship” on their unique promotional products to avoid legal troubles.

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