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Disposable water bottles might not be around for much longer

Disposable water bottles might not be around for much longer

Concord, Massachusetts, recently made history when it became the first American city to ban the sale of plastic water bottles. According to, a new town law went into effect on January 1 that prevents businesses from selling single-serving bottles. Concord was the first town to ban the containers, but the movement has become extremely popular on college campuses throughout the United States.

The Mother Nature Network recently reported that 90 schools have restricted or banned the use of disposable bottles. Some universities like Harvard and Bridgewater State have begun encouraging students to carry reusable containers by installing filling stations in school facilities.

Small business owners can help their customers go green and reduce plastic waste by distributing refillable bottles as promotional marketing products. Customers appreciate it when companies give away functional gifts, especially when the items support important causes like the preservation of the environment.

Water bottles have everyday functionality, which consumers are likely to enjoy. Clients can take the promotional items to class, work, the gym and everywhere in between. The branded gifts are usually held onto for months, so small business owners can create long-term marketing campaigns. Customers will develop brand recognition every time they refill their bottles and quench their thirsts.

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