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Celebrate National Umbrella Day and Month

Celebrate National Umbrella Day and Month

February 10 is National Umbrella Day, which is a perfect day for small business owners to hold promotional giveaways. Independent companies can participate in the national holiday by distributing branded umbrellas to all of their customers. Consumers love when local establishments distribute functional gifts that simplify everyday life.

Umbrellas are some of the best promotional marketing products that local startups can use. Recipients will be walking advertisements for small businesses on every rainy day. Umbrellas are, essentially, mobile billboards that increase the visibility of local companies.

National Umbrella Day is a precursor to a larger celebration, as March is National Umbrella Month. The month is supposed to inspire people to prepare for spring weather in April and May. April showers bring May flowers, but consumers don’t enjoy waiting in the rain for the beautiful plants to blossom. According to the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service, most of the United States will have above-average precipitation in March, April and May.

Ensure that your customers aren’t bothered by the wet weather this spring and celebrate National Umbrella Day and Month by distributing logo-emblazoned umbrellas. The promotional items are functional beyond the rainy season, so you’ll have a lasting advertising campaign.

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