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Celebrate Fun at Work Day

Celebrate Fun at Work Day

January 28 is Celebrate Fun at Work Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity for small business owners to make the workplace more enjoyable for employees. Many workers are overwhelmed with stress and don’t enjoy their jobs. According to Online University, a database of educational materials, one million people skip work every day because of job-related stress.

Fun is an important part of success. Business Insider writes that employees who have fun at work are more productive and creative than their co-workers. Managers can ensure that their staffers are in high spirits by holding contests and offering personalized business gifts as rewards.

Gamification makes work fun
Many businesses are turning their everyday practices into games to make work enjoyable. Companies create points systems for basic responsibilities and allow associates to compete for the top spot in the rankings. Brian Burke, the vice president of research at Gartner, believes that every business owner should know how to turn their establishments into games.

“Understanding how to apply game mechanics to motivate positive behavioral change is critical to success,” Burke said in a statement.

Entrepreneurs can create unique games to promote various objectives and increase productivity. For instance, sales personnel can be awarded points for lead generation and customer retention. The representative who has the most points at the end of the quarter wins a special prize.

Employees know they have to complete their work, but small rewards provide increased motivation. Additionally, competitions can foster friendly and professional rivalries that can lead to higher levels of productivity.

What are the best prizes?
Globoforce, an employee recognition firm, recently found that digital messages aren’t as satisfying as tangible gifts. According to the source, 21 percent of workers said that electronic thank-you cards aren’t fulfilling without physical gifts, and another 51 percent said that emails are disappointing rewards.

Custom presents are the best rewards that entrepreneurs can distribute to their staffers. Personal identifiers show employees that their superiors recognize consistently excellent work. The unique presents also demonstrate that businesses pay attention to individual achievement.

Owners should only distribute work-related prizes for their games. Professional rewards remind employees that they should continue their hard work to earn additional recognition down the road. Custom pens and USB drives can be used around the office to increase productivity. Additionally, personalized calendars can keep workers focused on their responsibilities.

Fun at Work Day can be the beginning of a long-term program that increases workplace satisfaction. Professional games can make less work stressful and more enjoyable than ever before.

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