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5 steps for creating and implementing a successful marketing plan

5 steps for creating and implementing a successful marketing plan

A marketing campaign is the result of months of hard work and extensive planning. Small business owners must create long-term strategies for their companies and decide how they can achieve specific goals. The more an entrepreneur prepares advertisements, the more leads the campaign will generate.

To write an effective marketing plan, small business owners must consider their desired results. Owners can start mapping the route to success after they’ve defined their destinations. Additionally, market research is an important step to take before drawing up plans. Independent establishments should consider the following five tips when writing their marketing strategies.

The end is the beginning
Every marketing campaign is designed with one goal in mind – raising brand awareness. However, some entrepreneurs want to increase their profiles in different manners. For instance, a local start-up might want to attract more customers, while an established organization could seek to increase its web presence.

Establish your specific goals so you can implement the best tools for your plans. A clear objective helps you avoid wasting resources. If your goal is to drive more traffic through your doors, hold special events like promotional giveaways. Alternatively, you can print Quick Response (QR) codes and hashtags to strive for digital success.

Research internally 
Once you have a goal in mind, research your industry to determine how far off you are from your goals. Entrepreneur Magazine recommends writing a list of your business’ characteristics to determine its current strengths and weaknesses.

The news source also urges owners to ask their employees for feedback. Workers can provide clarity on certain issues and help entrepreneurs focus on problem areas in their marketing efforts. Input should be valued and rewarded, especially when it proves effective. Personalized business gifts should be given to associates who offer the most help while creating an advertising campaign.

Consider the customers
An advantage small businesses have over large chains is forming relationships with customers. A local company can ask its loyal patrons what types of marketing campaigns pique their interests. Owners can use their clients’ suggestions to demonstrate their forward-facing nature.

Additionally, small business owners can capitalize on market research performed by other organizations. For example, the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) recently conducted a study that found that 83 percent of consumers wish companies would give away more unique promotional products than usual. Entrepreneurs can use the PPAI’s findings by distributing branded items with greater frequency.

Create metrics for success
Keep clear measures for your goals to ensure that your advertisements have the intended effect. Develop metrics so you can see how well your advertisements are performing and determine if there are some areas that require improvement.

Unfortunately, some goals don’t lend themselves well to statistics, so you’ll have to find alternative means to measure your success. Ask your customers if they’ve changed their buying habits or are more interested in your business as a result of your marketing campaign. Offer incentives like promotional pens so your clients are motivated to participate in your survey.

Know when to change
Some business owners worry that consumers are bored with advertisements. While it’s important to avoid stagnant content, businesses shouldn’t develop new strategies just for the sake of change. Companies should stick with their marketing plans as long as they are successful.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can reduce overhead expenses by recycling ideas that were effective in the past. Traditional tactics like giving away promotional marketing products and sending out direct mail advertisements earn steady response rates. Owners should supplement new strategies with old plans to ensure that every advertising campaign has a positive outcome.

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