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NHL team using promotional items to apologize

NHL team using promotional items to apologize

The latest NHL lockout lasted 119 days and forced league officials to cancel almost half of the regular season. Fans were understandably disappointed when players and owners couldn’t come to terms to get the season started. After the work stoppage ended, teams started coming up with plans to apologize to their loyal supporters.

According Global BC, one of the league’s most popular franchises plans to hold promotional giveaways to say sorry. The Vancouver Canucks are planning raffles and other special events in which they’ll give special presents to their fans. Additionally, the Vancouver Sun reports that other teams are following suit by distributing similar special prizes.

Small business owners can learn from the NHL’s strategy when it comes to apologizing and thanking loyal customers. In the corporate arena,hurdles that prevent companies from providing their patrons with the best possible service can sometimes arise. Once normal operations resume, entrepreneurs should give gifts and ask for forgiveness.

Unique promotional products like tote bags and water bottles are a good start toward reinforcing a relationship. Customers appreciate when businesses take responsibility for their actions and make amends. Additionally, tenured clients should be given personalized business gifts because of their continued patronage.

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