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Attract new volunteers with promotional items

Attract new volunteers with promotional items

February is Youth Leadership Month, a time to recognize the charitable efforts of children and volunteers. PBS Kids writes that volunteering is an important activity in which every child should participate. The news source writes that participating in a charitable program helps kids develop social skills, build self-esteem and make important connections with community leaders and small business owners.

Nonprofit organizations and local establishments should celebrate Youth Leadership Month to promote the importance of volunteering. Special events like promotional giveaways can be used to educate children about all the ways in which they can contribute to a charitable organization. Additionally, small gifts and unique promotional products should be given to dedicated contributors as rewards for all of their hard work.

Finding new volunteers
Volunteers are the backbone of every nonprofit. Without charitable workers, many organizations wouldn’t be able to function or hold large events. Some large nonprofits have little trouble attracting new volunteers every year, but smaller charities can sometimes lack the resources to market themselves to the public.

During Youth Leadership Month, organizations can expand their reach by partnering with small businesses and hosting promotional events. Groups can educate families about the causes they support and what kind of programs they use to raise awareness. Organizers can give away small gifts to children and parents who want their kids to be involved with a charity.

Promotional pens and notepads are some of the best marketing items charities can use during their giveaways. Prospective participants can take notes on what issues the organization focuses on and what kind of volunteer opportunities are available.

Alternatively, charities can focus on appealing to kids with fun gifts. A small tin of candy can go a long way toward establishing a bond with youths. Similarly, electronic gifts like USB drives can help nonprofits appeal to kids who love technology.

Rewarding valued contributors
The main focus of Youth Leadership Month is saying thanks to all the children who have donated their time and effort over the last 12 months. Volunteer work can often be difficult and strenuous, so organizations should take the time to reward contributors for their dedication. An appreciation program can even help charities retain some of their best volunteers.

Nonprofits should adopt a popular corporate tactic and give personalized business gifts to their young volunteers. A small gesture like printing a child’s name on a promotional item shows that the organization recognizes individual effort. Generic presents aren’t as well received as their customized counterparts.

For example, personalized water bottles are similar to normal promotional bottles, but they include a unique touch. Charities can turn any branded item into a custom gift by printing their volunteers’ names alongside logos.

Additionally, children can use gifts like custom water bottles to show off all of their hard work. The Houston Chronicle writes that contributors love receiving presents that display a charity’s name because they can proudly publicize their efforts. Nonprofits can capitalize on the news sources’ findings by distributing items like tote bags and t-shirts as rewards.

A rewards program can be extremely beneficial for charities. Volunteers, especially younger ones, loved to be recognized for their participation. People feel like their work was wasted when they don’t receive a simple thank you. Organizations should always give out rewards to retain their contributors. Small gifts can lead to long-term workers as well because children might be more likely to volunteer again if they receive a reward.

Presents have the added benefit of making recruitment efforts easier. According to the University of Kansas, people are more likely to participate in a charity that recognizes the efforts of its volunteers than one that doesn’t.

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