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Tips for a successful trade show season

It’s difficult for a small business to stand out at a trade show. Competition is usually fierce at the events because dozens of companies are vying for the attention of a limited group of potential customers. Entrepreneurs are always looking for attention-grabbing strategies to making a lasting impact.

According to Business 2 Community, most trade shows are held during the spring, so small business owners have to start developing their marketing strategies now. An excellent sales team and unique promotional products are the best resources that independent companies can have in their booths.

Highly-trained salespeople
An effective sales pitch can be the difference between finding a new customer and losing potential business. However, regular sales strategies might not work when it comes to promotional events.

“I have no doubt companies’ sales staffs are terrific at doing what they do every day. But a well trained staff is the most important part of your trade show experience,” Malcom Gilvar, vice president of sales at a trade show firm, told Inc. Magazine.

Entrepreneurs should hold training sessions in the weeks leading up to a trade show. The seminars should focus on specific goals to ensure that every representative will know what tactics to use. Additionally, owners should encourage their employees to work together when it comes to qualifying leads, to find consumers who are most likely to become customers.

The right promotional items
Many companies distribute branded gifts at trade shows. Potential clients are bombarded with dozens of advertisements during the events, so it can be difficult for them to remember an individual enterprise. Small promotional marketing products provide consumers with physical reminders of businesses. Phil Cavanaugh, the vice president of events for, told Inc. Magazine that his company prefers to distribute functional items instead of frivolous presents.

“We still believe in giving people something tangible to walk away with, but you want something beyond the useless tchotchke,” Cavanaugh said.

The best items depend on the nature of a trade show. For instance, attendees at a technological conference would enjoy small devices like promotional flash drives and calculators. The more relevant a gift is to a trade show, the more value it has as an advertisement.

Alternatively, businesses can use functional items that are consistently popular. Consumers always appreciate promotional pens, water bottles and calendars. The branded gifts can be used at work or home, so companies are creating reliable advertisements that last longer than a trade show. No other marketing materials can match the longevity of the small items.

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